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2021-10-15 11:23

The agency is now showing disease incidence among unvaccinated people, as well as those who received Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

2021-10-15 08:02

Yale and Mayo Clinic researchers found that ambulatory physicians have spent more time managing their inboxes during the public health emergency.

2021-10-15 08:00

Vulnerabilities in the life cycle of open-source software development can start from tiny crumbs but grow into substantial issues.

2021-10-15 07:00

For teams looking to adopt the product-led growth business model, look no further than the principles laid out by DevOps teams for guidance on how to do it right.

2021-10-15 06:50

That's one finding from new research from cybersecurity firm CyCognito, whose CEO discusses that danger and describes some risk-mitigation strategies.

2021-10-15 05:58

The Saudi-owned health insurance company has teamed up with the appointment booking platform to “enhance customer experience and elevate the level of its digital healthcare services”.

2021-10-15 03:16

Also, CGI and GE Healthcare sign agreement to enable rapid adoption of digital health services.

2021-10-14 20:20

Also, Queensland's largest private radiology provider now connects to My Health Record.

2021-10-14 20:13

It will deliver the system over a two-year period for 1,400 beds in the unnamed hospital.

2021-10-14 10:53

About half say the COVID-19 pandemic – including vaccine appointment coordination and making the shift to telehealth – has made matters worse.

2021-10-14 08:26

A new KLAS report shows hospital executives consistently describing two technology factors as key to their progress with population health and shared savings: strong integration and timely customization.

2021-10-14 08:23

Two scientists from University of Florida Health offer a deep-dive look at how they're training GatorTron, their leading-edge natural language processing model, with billions of words for an array of EHR and analytics use cases.

2021-10-14 08:00

Automation is a key component in successful digital transformations today, and several big tech vendors are adding these capabilities by acquiring RPA vendors. Tibco and Blue Prism are joining forces, for instance.

2021-10-14 07:00

Developers don’t sit behind glass walls anymore. And citizen developers are jumping into the low end of the app pool. Just what’s going on in the insanely busy world of software application development?

2021-10-14 05:42

Cloud-based technologies are the priority, says one Frost & Sullivan analyst, as health systems work to marshal data and deploy AI for quality improvement, cost reduction and improved patient and clinician experience.

2021-10-14 05:26

Federal regulators should "put guardrails on, but let us continue the good work," says Mayo Clinic's Dr. Michael Maniaci.

2021-10-13 18:37

In his roles at India’s Apollo Hospitals, Dr Sujoy Kar is working to bring forth the value of digital health and clinical AI.

2021-10-13 11:25

New research suggests vulnerabilities in healthcare's API "last mile," while another report assesses the cost of unsecured devices.

2021-10-13 08:53

Patient safety advocate Mark Neuenschwander is now working to make hospital intravenous therapy as safe as humanly – and robotically – possible.

2021-10-13 08:48

Researchers in a new JAMA study said the finding is "counterintuitive" and raised necessary questions about the link between clinician burnout and employee retention.

2021-10-13 08:00

Kickoff for annual conference shows how some enterprises explore new layers of transformation through cloud migration.

2021-10-13 07:00

The definitions of artificial intelligence and machine learning have evolved, so it’s important for everyone to understand the distinctions.

2021-10-13 05:00

"Our technology needs to be reliable. It needs to be understandable. It needs to be complementary. It needs to enable, not disable," said Dr. David Feinberg at the Cerner Health Conference on Tuesday.

2021-10-13 01:42

The three-month trial will be extended to a hundred Goodwin residents and clients.

2021-10-12 18:39

Under the two-year engagement, the organisations will develop speciality workshops for professional development.

2021-10-12 13:16

(SPONSORED) Companies acquire tools and functionality to unify silos and apply their analytic insights for business success.

2021-10-12 10:02

Google announced this week the launch of its Cybersecurity Action Team, aimed at assisting governments, critical infrastructure organizations, enterprises and small businesses.  
The team's goal will be to guide customers through the cycle of security transformation, including creating a road map, increasing cyber-resilience preparedness and engineering new solutions in response to changing circumstances.

2021-10-12 08:46

The idea is to integrate different methods of modeling to overcome the limitations of individual research approaches – and to gain the most public health insights from each.

2021-10-12 08:00

In a world awash with data, it's important to keep important enterprise records safe, secure, and organized

2021-10-12 07:34

Analysts from Mandiant Intelligence say FIN12 has been behind multiple ransomware attacks on hospitals and other provider organizations dating back at least to October 2018.

2021-10-12 07:24

Moving away from simple phone calls, 82% of the health system's telemedicine visits are now video and audio visits.

2021-10-12 07:00

IT departments across the world know that employees may have forgotten their cybersecurity hygiene and developed bad habits from working remotely. Here’s some advice to get back on track.

2021-10-12 03:00

As vice president of Tencent Healthcare, Dr Alex Ng’s personal quest is to support the underprivileged and underserved in healthcare.

2021-10-11 22:51

Local news says sensitive data from over 6,700 people were leaked onto the dark web.

2021-10-11 21:59

The private healthcare group has just launched the InterSystems tool at its sixth hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

2021-10-11 20:56

My Emergency Doctor is providing virtual specialist support.

2021-10-11 11:43

But a new report finds that many barriers to connectivity remain, with nearly 40% of Black people in 152 rural counties lacking home access to the internet.

2021-10-11 08:38

The department, billed as the first of its kind, aims to establish an artificial intelligence framework that's integrated across all the health system's hospitals and clinics.

2021-10-11 08:12

The funds have built a robust remote patient monitoring and virtual care infrastructure that has proved immeasurably helpful, especially during the pandemic.

2021-10-11 08:00

Levi’s Stadium consolidates disparate data silos to further futureproof its services and boost operational efficiency.

2021-10-11 07:59

The CEO of CynergisTek discusses findings from the consulting firm's annual cybersecurity report, and talks about the future of security in healthcare.

2021-10-11 07:00

Enterprises increasingly rely on a hybrid cloud strategy to deliver scalability, flexibility, configurability, and control. But for many, cloud spend is wasted money. Here’s how to reap the full benefits.

2021-10-11 05:53

The bicameral legislation, introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Deborah Ross, would require disclosure about size, currency and more within 48 hours of payments.

2021-10-11 00:14

Throughout her career Dr Hyeoun-Ae Park of Seoul National University has researched the use of standardised terminologies, vocabularies, and detailed clinical models in electronic health records.

2021-10-08 08:25

The agency noted that communications about cyber risks should be easy to understand and readily available online.

2021-10-08 07:25

The Department of Veterans Affairs has partnered with the Institute for Defense Analyses to capture end-to-end costs of the program.

2021-10-08 07:06

The aim of the new revenue cycle management technology is to offer health systems more flexibility to integrate data from different sources, such as new provider acquisitions that use different IT systems.

2021-10-07 10:51

The electronic health record vendor stated fewer than 0.5% of its staff left the company rather than get inoculated.

2021-10-07 08:24

Researchers, including ONC Deputy National Coordinator Steven Posnack, noted that existing sex and gender data-collection practices do not meaningfully reflect patient identity and diversity.

2021-10-07 07:13

The vendors discovered that distributed ledger technology was much faster and more efficient, while maintaining necessary privacy and security.

2021-10-07 06:58

"When we talk about virtual care, think hybrid," he told Healthcare IT News in a wide-ranging interview about the future of telemedicine.

2021-10-07 06:51

Kash Patel will join the New Jersey health system as chief information and digital engagement officer.

2021-10-06 10:01

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center observed that a LockBit affiliate appeared to have a "contradictory code of ethics" when it came to attacking healthcare entities.

2021-10-06 07:57

The technology has helped the health system navigate the pandemic while expanding into remote patient monitoring and other types of virtual care.

2021-10-06 07:23

A security professional with deep healthcare expertise offers his perspective on medical-device patching and previews cybersecurity trends for 2022.

2021-10-06 07:15

Company CIO Blackford Middleton wrote in a LinkedIn post that the healthcare collaboration software vendor had "run out of runway" in terms of funding and resources.

2021-10-06 05:29

Collins, who has served as the director of the National Institutes of Health under three presidential administrations, will continue to innovate precision medicine at his National Human Genome Research Institute lab.

2021-10-06 04:33

The “next generation” augmented intelligence solution is reportedly being delivered to over 250 million patients in the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia territories.

2021-10-06 03:45

Five systems missed the national target to establish shared care records by the end of September. 

2021-10-05 11:24

Members of Congress introduced several bills geared toward identifying critical infrastructure and requiring certain organizations to report cyber incidents in a timely manner.

2021-10-05 08:19

The health system's chief analytics officer offers some lessons learned assessing CDS and clinical workflows to reduce the alert fatigue for providers.

2021-10-05 07:59

Committed to a "Digital Hippocratic Oath," the provider-led Graphite Health platform aims to build an app ecosystem to enable plug-and-play interoperability for health systems and patients.

2021-10-04 23:21

As group chief technology officer and deputy chief medical information officer at National University Health System Singapore (NUHS), Dr Kee Yuan Ngiam’s career has been defined by his work developing and deploying AI platforms.

2021-10-04 22:54

The app integrates functionalities such as contact tracing and vaccination card generation.

2021-10-04 22:51

The trial seeks to enhance the government's COVID-19 track and trace programme.

2021-10-04 11:14

But overall satisfaction with direct-to-consumer and payer-sponsored telehealth services has declined, even as virtual care use has spiked, the report shows.

2021-10-04 08:29

The CEO of the SSI Group shares some perspective on predictive models and forecasting tools, an increased demand for patient education and fine-tuned approaches to a remote workforce.

2021-10-04 08:14

Previously, the IPO had three- to six-month waiting lists for adults needing care. Now it's typically a one- to two-week process from positive screen ID to initial assessment.

2021-10-04 06:58

All U.S. employees must be fully vaccinated by December 8, the company said on Friday, as the new CEO pledged to spend every day "thinking about how to use technology to improve people’s lives."

2021-10-04 06:40

David Sides' open letter comes in response to weeks of back-and-forth between the ambulatory care vendor's founder and the board.

2021-10-01 09:31

The 2019 incident, which disabled Springhill Medical Center's EHR and patient monitors for days, obscured access to critical information that could have allowed for a lifesaving C-section, the baby's mother says.

2021-10-01 06:08

The successful experience of United Rheumatology and its Normalized Integrated Community Evidence repository can be a lesson for other healthcare providers.

2021-09-30 21:08

Also, more pathology labs have connected to the Australian government's My Health Record platform.

2021-09-30 08:46

A new report from Amwell and HIMSS Analytics shows that hospital and health system leaders have embraced telemedicine and are preparing for a future filled with virtual care.

2021-09-30 07:36

Remote clinical pharmacists leveraged the technology to contact physicians and other on-site caregivers to collaborate on patient rounds, consults, clinical recommendations, virtual huddles and patient education.

2021-09-30 05:47

The health system-led data platform will broaden the reach of its pop health analytics projects with Azure-based artificial intelligence and security tools.

2021-09-30 04:43

The expanded dataset could enable researchers to gain insights about "long COVID," says CEO of the landmark personalized medicine project.

2021-09-30 03:35

The opt out process is ‘overly complicated’ said NHSX chief executive.

2021-09-29 08:33

Health systems with digital health topic libraries win larger patient audiences, a new report shows, with the opportunity to attract bigger shares of online search traffic and provide more evidence-based content for improved outcomes.

2021-09-29 07:38

A CISO talks with Healthcare IT News about boards' changing views of security, how hospitals are adapting to ransomware strikes and how infosec professionals' priorities are shifting along with the threat landscape.

2021-09-29 07:26

The pandemic gave rise to telehealth and app-based scheduling – and new patient expectations. Long patient waits – and even waiting rooms themselves – may be things of the past, says one physician expert.

2021-09-29 06:13

She comes to OCR from New York State's Department of Health, where she coordinated COVID-19 response and led social programs. Before that, she worked in the Obama administration on cybersecurity at DHS.

2021-09-29 05:23

A study from UC San Francisco found that frontline pain management clinicians are curious about VR – but want to see crucial adaptations for diverse patient groups.

2021-09-29 00:04

This tool provides a risk score that factors in patients' vital signs and lifestyle attributes.

2021-09-28 10:59

The inclusion of remote therapeutic monitoring codes in the 2022 Physician Fee Schedule suggests that transformations in digital health policy initiated in response to COVID-19 are beginning to have some permanence.

2021-09-28 10:48

With more and more organizations requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, attention has to be paid to factors that could hinder wider uptake: access to technology, privacy concerns, social determinants of health and more.

2021-09-28 07:14

The retail giant said it would begin using Epic's electronic health record platform in its health centers, starting with its new facilities opening in Florida.

2021-09-28 06:45

The text-message, reputation-management and patient-engagement technology also reduced the FQHC's no-show rate from 32% to 22% across all practices.

2021-09-28 05:38

The program will offer technology and AWS credits for select organizations worldwide that leverage the cloud to boost access, address SDOH and enable data-driven health equity.

2021-09-27 23:13

The free mobile app covers subjects such as anxiety, bullying, temperament and shyness.

2021-09-27 12:25

The electronic health record vendor says it anticipates giving more than 100 million people access to the tool by the end of March 2022.

2021-09-27 08:24

The complaint follows a phishing incident that may have allowed bad actors access to patient information for months.

2021-09-27 06:07

The Office of Inspector General found that many states do not conduct monitoring specific to telemedicine – despite reporting concern about fraud, waste and abuse.

2021-09-24 10:12

The agency's analysis suggests increases in interoperability and patient-provider communication, along with frequent use of mobile health apps.

2021-09-24 07:36

"In minutes, the software identified nearly 54,000 patients with the condition, a process that would likely have taken years for physicians to perform manually," a physician researcher tells Healthcare IT News.

2021-09-24 07:32

Connected Nation researchers compared Michigan communities that participated in a facilitated tech-planning effort against the state as a whole.

2021-09-23 12:24

The enterprise-grade server is meant to help simplify the development process for FHIR-powered healthcare apps and to streamline data storage across IoMT, EHRs and clinical research databases.

2021-09-23 10:17

A recent task force report offers some preliminary exploration of how definitions of EHI and designated record set might be operationalized going forward under the Cures Act Final Rule.

2021-09-23 08:13

The new Providence National Foundation is targeting technologies and strategies for wider access to personalized care, including telehealth, genome sequencing, data mapping and more.

2021-09-23 07:44

At Central Oregon Radiology Associates, network detection and response technology provides improved, more manageable security while cutting costs, its CIO reports.

2021-09-23 00:10

After piloting the programme since last year, it will be formally launched on 27 September.

2021-09-23 00:01

The partnership will see the upgrade of two partner public hospitals with 5G technologies.

2021-09-22 23:54

The app is being developed to simplify the entry process at hospitality venues.

2021-09-22 09:31

Selected institutions will use the money to develop curricula, recruit participants and assist in public health career placements.

2021-09-22 08:21

An expert in emerging technology from the IEEE Standards Association describes the elements that must be considered as artificial intelligence proliferates across healthcare.

2021-09-22 07:41

Researchers surveyed nearly 600 health IT and security professionals about the ways cyberattacks disrupt care delivery and put patient safety at risk.

2021-09-22 03:17

All six hospitals in the Saudi Arabian hospital group have now been validated at the highest level for their inpatient digital maturity by HIMSS.

2021-09-21 17:52

Patient journeys are being revolutionised thanks to interactive technology which puts consumers at the heart of their own care. Hear how international experts are leveraging technology to gain fresh insight into the patient experience.

2021-09-21 10:59

A recent study suggests that healthcare organizations can face legal and technological challenges when it comes to complying with the regulation.

2021-09-21 09:29

Health and social care secretary Sajid Javid said the UK must “level up” digital health inequalities to ensure the long-term sustainability of health and social care.

2021-09-21 07:45

We spoke with a telemedicine expert to get a feel for where virtual care technology goes from here, and how near-term changes in healthcare might impact the ways it's deployed.

2021-09-21 07:43

Apple will directly integrate with six electronic health record vendors: Allscripts, athenahealth, Cerner, CPSI, DrChrono and Meditech Expanse.

2021-09-21 06:43

"The goal is surgeons who have the world's best expert surgeon virtually at their side in every case and the experience of thousands of cases," says University of Washington's Dr. Sam Browd.

2021-09-21 04:33

As ONC's recognized coordinating entity for TEFCA, the interoperability group is seeking stakeholder response on the data elements as it develops new exchange guidelines.

2021-09-20 22:34

They will collaborate to build and implement a technology solution that solves doctors' daily operational problems.

2021-09-20 10:55

The hackers reportedly began posting patient names, Social Security numbers and medical information on their blog earlier this month.

2021-09-20 08:33

The IT veteran, who comes to the Florida health system with both hospital and vendor experience, wants to "humanize technology to solve problems in new ways."

2021-09-20 07:44

More than 43 people in 11 judicial districts were accused of participating in an array of different schemes relating to telemedicine.

2021-09-20 07:44

Researchers used anonymised health data from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and 20 other hospitals worldwide.

2021-09-20 03:43

The strategy aims to expand access to digital safety training for staff.

2021-09-19 23:28

Industry experts shared their strategies and solutions to address challenges around interoperability during this webinar.

2021-09-19 22:52

Its installation comes following an uptick in coronavirus infections across the state.

2021-09-19 18:54

The public hospital is undergoing a system quality assessment through the HIMSS Digital Health Indicator.

2021-09-17 12:05

In a new JAMA study, researchers found that parents and guardians may be using their adolescents' personal health records to communicate with clinicians, leading to questions about confidentiality.

2021-09-17 07:30

The contract is aimed at procuring remote patient monitoring and telemedicine devices, to be distributed to VA facilities or to veterans.

2021-09-17 06:52

The investment has helped Dickenson County Behavioral Health Services gain more reliable telehealth and cloud EHR access, among other new efficiencies.

2021-09-17 04:12

It will fund the chosen projects over the next two years.

2021-09-16 22:49

The hospital solution is expected to be delivered ahead of the facility's launch in May next year.

2021-09-16 22:43

A regulation exempting insurers from getting wet signatures for health insurance policies is supposed to lapse by end-September.

2021-09-16 21:58

Also, the Pandemic Institute launches in Liverpool to speed up vaccine development. 

2021-09-16 10:21

The safety net provider network will offer community health centers a fully integrated enterprise ecosystem, officials say.

2021-09-16 10:18

The agency also extended its statement to health apps, noting that there are still too few privacy protections for them.

2021-09-16 08:05

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen outlined flagship initiatives for the European Union (EU) in her State of the Union address yesterday (15 Sept).

2021-09-16 07:32

The Colorado health system has seen a 37% reduction in time to complete ICU transfers, a 4% decrease in time to admit and a 90% improved confidence in critical capacity decisions.

2021-09-16 07:27

Burke also spent more than two decades at Cerner, where he served as president from 2013 to 2018.

2021-09-16 03:09

New research shows that 40% of staff are missing cyber security expertise while 39% lack essential data protection knowledge. 

2021-09-15 22:13

The system will “improve functionality and coordination between health facilities” in the Emirates, says the country’s Ministry of Health and Prevention.

2021-09-15 11:26

More than 70% of physicians surveyed for the new AMA Physician Practice Benchmark Survey work in practices that use video conferencing, with virtual care especially popular among specialists such as dermatologists and urologists.

2021-09-15 07:47

The snack delivery company is allowing some Philadelphia-based users to get birth control and acne medication, according to Insider.

2021-09-15 07:26

A virtual care expert leads readers through the recent history of telehealth and offers tips on new medical services that can be delivered via telehealth while complying with HIPAA.

2021-09-14 10:54

"We urge readers to immediately update all Apple devices," said cybersecurity researchers who discovered the flaw.

2021-09-14 08:12

The study, from MetroHealth and Case Western Reserve University, suggests the AI-powered EHR system can help alert clinicians before symptoms become visible and potentially deadly to patients.

2021-09-14 07:05

The health center's CIO was especially concerned with the conundrum of third-party vendor access, which he says is now solved.

2021-09-14 06:11

The funding will go toward deployment activities at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center and the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit.

2021-09-14 05:23

The legislation, as passed by the state Senate, would expand access to telemedicine while disallowing business, state agencies and local governments from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations to access public spaces.

2021-09-13 23:18

The healthcare centre has replaced its previous patient administration system with the Sunrise EMR.

2021-09-13 23:15

The funding offer for online booking service providers aims to increase digital bookings for COVID-19 vaccines.

2021-09-13 11:41

With new CMS rules, researchers say electronic health records should be more easily configurable with ONC's SAFER Guide recommendations – which in turn should be reviewed and updated by the agency each year.

2021-09-13 09:35

The agency currently does not allow payment for critical-care telemedicine if the physician is located outside the United States.

2021-09-13 08:36

A pioneer in robotics and surgery discusses the genesis, the state of the art and the future of the technology and techniques – and where AI fits in.

2021-09-13 07:47

Eighty-seven percent of its members said they felt as supported or more supported in a virtual care model.

2021-09-12 23:07

The MOST platform is slated to be installed in eight mental health services across the state.